Profit optimization with professional training

Cut best with Weber Academy

We have our own training center, the Weber Academy, at Weber's Breidenbach location. As a full-line provider for the food-processing industry, we offer a wide range of training courses for your Weber slicer line and Textor slicer line, for example on blade and sharpening techniques, hygiene management for greater product safety, application technology and maintenance of your Weber lines. Your employees – machine operators, shift managers or maintenance staff – can receive continuing professional development here or at your own premises.

Courses can focus on the following topics related to increasing efficiency:

  • Continuous performance and minimum downtimes/setup times
  • higher good product yield, less giveaway
  • Optimized cutting results
  • Hygiene
  • Maximum operational safety thanks to correct maintenance

… In a word: Optimizing your company's profit!